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native of Greenwich Village, NYC, Danielle grew up in the ’70s and ’80s amidst the emerging SoHo arts scene. Her mother was a fashion designer who heavily influenced Danielle by instilling in her an appreciation for all beautiful things, not only as art forms, but as a celebration of life. Naturally, Danielle began to cultivate her own personal style at an early age. With the help of her mother’s workroom, Danielle created countless custom clothing designs for herself. This started what would become a lifelong collection of “investment” pieces, consisting of both couture clothing and fine vintage jewelry.

Putting aside her inherent talent for cultivating and creating fashion, Danielle attended the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Applied Mathematics. After that, she spent over a decade pouring her talents into high-end residential construction and design. Danielle dedicated herself to the creative and development processes, and imprinted each project with her own livable interpretation of effortless chic.

With the launch of The Danielle Queller Collection, she turns her focus back to fashion, creating and curating fine jewelry with an unparalleled eye for style. The Danielle Queller Collection includes original designs, procured pieces and vintage items. Spanning many styles and time periods, each stunning piece is meant to be savored and enjoyed every day, not locked away. Having already been declared a “Must Have” item by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and having been worn by some of the world’s most fashionable women – including Blake Lively on the set of “Gossip Girl” – The Danielle Queller Collection is available by private appointment only. Select pieces are available at daniellequeller.com.

Danielle Queller lives with her family on the East Coast where she splits her time between New York and South Florida.